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Medical Pedicures

A Medical Pedicure is a complete cleanup of your feet in a sterile & dry environment by our degree qualified Podiatrists. This reduces the risk of infections, and the sterile & dry environment ensures the results are long lasting. Our Podiatrists will also check your overall foot health at the same time in this all inclusive pedicure. Health fund rebates are available and can be claimed on the spot.

Corns and calluses will be debrided and treated, nails trimmed, filed & cleaned, damaged cuticles treated, and dry skin smoothed. Other foot problems such as ingrown toenails or fungal infections will also be assessed and treated where possible.

We do not apply nail polish to any nails, but instead apply appropriate skincare and nail finishing products with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Please ensure any shellac nail polish is removed prior to your appointment as we are unable to remove these.

Book your Medical Pedicure with confidence for long lasting comfortable and beautiful feet!
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