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Orthotics are customized in-soles which are placed into the shoe, and provide support to the arches and foot. They are often used to treat foot pain, structural alignment and inflammatory conditions in the foot, such as plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Orthotics are removable, allowing them to be switched between shoes, so that they could be used in your joggers, and your work shoes, for example.

Victoria Park Podiatry prescribes custom-made orthotics to patients after a thorough diagnosis of the foot condition, then a review of the patient's lifestyle and needs to see if orthotics will be a suitable option. After this, a biomechanical assessment is carried out, followed by a negative impression of the foot through the casting consultation. The cast is then sent to the laboratory for fabrication together with the prescription script including the biomechanical analysis.

Once the orthotics have returned, an orthotic fitting consultation is required. Before fitting them into your shoes, our Podiatrist will advise you on suitable shoes for your orthotics based on your lifestyle and needs. An appropriate examination will then be carried out to ensure that the orthotics are correctly fitted into your preferred shoes. Our orthotics can also be optionally covered, which allows them to be used without requiring the original in-sole of the shoe. Orthotics can come in both three quarter or full lengths based on your preference.

Contact us to check if the cost of your orthotics is covered by your private health insurance fund.
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